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The Siauliai District Research Group has just distributed these lists
with a total of 3,005 records:

Akmene 1903 rabbi electors
Gruzdziai 1912 municipal electors
Klykoliai 1892 rabbi electors
Kriukai 1912 municipal electors
Kurseniai 1855 real estate owners
Laizuva 1855 real estate owners
Luoke 1899 rabbi electors
Pasvitinys 1915 real estate owners
Saukenai 1855 real estate owners
Seduva 1856 real estate owners
Seduva 1904 box taxpayers
Siauliai City 1892 real estate owners
Siauliai District 1859 farmers
Siauliai District 1904 rabbi electors
Siauliai District 1914 real estate owners
Tryskiai 1855 real estate owners
Tryskiai 1885 real estate owners
Uzventis 1855 real estate owners
Vegeriai 1866 real estate owners
Vieksniai 1896 box taxpayers
Zagare 1908 residents

and a fascinating list titled "Kaunas Gubernia Jews Expelled >from Riga"
dated 1895 with 540 records showing the name of the person who "adopted"
them while in Riga.

If you are researching families in the Siauliai area, you should be
aware of the fact that our research group has to date acquired,
translated and distributed 143 community lists and the 1858 Revision
list and additional revision lists of 1866-1869 for a total of 36,926
records! In addition to the towns above, we have data from: Baisogala,
Joniskis, Kurtuvenai, Leckava, Lygumai, Mazeikiai, Padubysys, Papile,
Radviliskis, Siaulenai and Vaiguva.

To receive this treasure trove of information as an e-mail attachment in
Excel format, please send your tax deductible donation for $100.
Directions for payment by check or credit card are at

Carol Baker
Siauliai District Research Group Coordinator

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