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Andrea Vangor <drav@...>

Dear Sallyann and list members,

Coincidences aside (and how fascinating they are!), I will say this in
defense of Ira Glazier -- he told me the ship in which my Binder family
arrived in New York. I did not get this information >from the Hamburg
database because my people were "indirect passengers" who changed boats in

If I had had the sense to check his volumes first, I might have
found that ship name and arrival date, and not wasted money ordering four
microfilms where one would have sufficed. As it happened, I had ordered the right microfilm along with several wrong ones (before I got the ship name >from Glazier's book) and so I was able to obtain the original
manifestquickly and check it against the Hamburg and Glazier data.
Looks like Mr.Glazier misread a splotch for the dot on an i, and the name was in fact written as Sundel on the ship manifest. As you say, it was probably Zundel, a generic sort of nickname.

So he (Glazier) makes mistakes. It was fantastic to find this resource, and to get the name of the ship my great-grandmother took to New York -- the Gallia, arriving on June 13, 1890. Re Benny Binder, I don't think he WAS the mysterious Sundel/Zundel, who may turn out to be a David Bender in

A question for the list: was divorce practiced by Litvak Jews circa

I look forward to reading the articles about Ira Glazier and his work.

Andrea Vangor
BENDER/BINDER, GALANTER, LEVY >from Kraziai, Lithuania

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Andrea is referring to the volumes entitled "Migration >from the Russian Empire" by Ira Glazier.

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