Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Unwrapped Postings #lithuania

Yosef Sa'ar <ysaar@...>

Usually one or two postings on the Litvak SIG don't "wrap" around at the
end of the screen. They continue in one loooooooooooooong line, ad
infinitum, to the right, right, right.

What can be done?

Y. Sa'ar
Elat on the Red Sea

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Occasionally a message comes in to the Digest with lines that are much too long, which results in another "word wrap" problem -- only one word on some lines. I try to remedy that in moderation, which may lead to Yosef Sa'ar's problem. This is the first time we've heard of the problem he reports. If any other subscribers are sharing his problem, please let the Digest know. If there aren't many of you, an adjustment in your e-mail program(s) may solve the problem.

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