Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Online List of Litvak soldiers #lithuania


I have compared the on-line list to the one I found at the library and
find that while there are similar names, the lists are not the same.
For example, my list has 17 names >from the city of Vilna while the on
line list has only 7 - 11, depending on how you count it. The list I
found contains towns and names not on the on-line list and vice versa.

For those that sent me requests, I will look at my list and let you know
if I find anything for you.

Scott Noar

I do not want to take away >from Scott Noar's offer to look up names of
Litvak soldiers, but I wanted to make known that genealogist Boris Feldblyum created an online "Database of Russian Army Jewish soldiers injured, killed, or missing in action" >from the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905.
Database at:

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