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I have the following questions if you can answer them or direct me to
a web site that can provide answers I will appreciate it:

1. What would be the US dollar equivalent of a 1936 Polish zloty; a
1939 Polish zloty?
the exchange rate of US$ to Polish zloty was 1 US$ = 5.31 Zloty (both in
1939 value).
Similar exchange rate has been valid throughout the thirties.

2. What would be a time line of currencies used in
Kolomyja/Galicia say >from 18th century through present day; from
Austrian rule through Polish rule to under Ukrainian rule? I also
would like to obtain US dollar equivalents to those currencies
The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy used two currencies - until 1892, the currency
was 100 Kreuzer = 1 Florin (Gulden); 1-1/2 Florin = 1 Vereinsthaler
and after 1892 monetary reform 100 Heller = 1 Krone / korona.
In the Hungarian and Galician part, the small money has still been called

It is understood that bartering was a form of economic exchange, but
at some point along came coinage and eventually bills for general use
in the marketplace. I also understand that Jews were initially
involved with coinage design and production while serving as arendars
(leaseholders) under Polish magnates (wealthy nobles).
Jews were official bankers of the Polish Royal Court in the medieval times,
thus they might have been involved also in desigining the coins. Some
scientists are guessing, whether the earliest Polish coin does have Hebrew
letters written on it.

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