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Hello Genners:

Just an update: I am interested in finding if any other branches of the
SCHREINER family of Borislav and Drohobycz survived. I know that some of
their names and information have been placed in Jewishgen, and another man
in California was searching the family. It is the same family as Abraham or
Avram Schreiner, the discoverer of petroleum.

I'm sorry to have to say this, but I am not inviting off-the-beam
second-guesses on my family connections, or challenges that this family
could not have survived, and therewith the inference that somehow I am not
of this family. I have received a couple of weird innuendos that rank as
spam, and they reveal the complete lack of any analytical ability on the
part of those who made them.

Abraham Schreiner was, as was my family, very obscure in history. Any
attention accorded him is of very recent date. I suppose at the irony that a
Jew is actually the father of the industry that the Arabs so rely upon, and
the industry that is at the heart of the present world controversy after
9/11. Any attempt to affect a relationship with him is not an attempt to get
prestige. I am interested in finding the living and preserving what is not
history to my family but its own memorabilia.

Hopefully, in the future some of the Schreiners will tune into Jewishgen and
find these archived posts. I have to believe that some of them survived. It
is for them or for anybody with helpful information tht these posts were

Also, I know that the webmaster of the Drohobycz site is very busy right now
with a move, but if anybody knows where those pictures on the oil industry
come from, I am looking for the publication that contains the one of the two
Lebak workers, the older gentleman bending over, and the one standing with
the buckets over his shoulder, or a copy of the photo so I can examine it.

Many thanks

Jonathan Schreiner Marx
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