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Dear LitvakSIGers:

Letter Number 6, unlike most of the others is directed to Nechameh,
daughter of David Peretz and sister of Moisheh Joisef (Morris Adelman).
It is the only one of its kind in my possession.

Erev Shevuos, 1911

Happiness and joy to my dear daughter Nechameh, who should always
live in great happiness.

Firstly, I write to you, my dear, loving daughter, that I and your
mother are, thank God, well. God grant that we soon hear good news >from you.

Secondly, I am thanking you for the letter you sent me. Monday,
before Shevuos, I received your letter. I sent you one letter, my dear
daughter, and in the same letter I enclosed one to my dear son Moisheh
Joisef, to your old address. Passover, I sent two letters, one to you and
the other to my son Moisheh Joisef. I had a lot of grief when Moisheh
Joisef wrote angrily to me in one letter that I don't write to him. I
don't know what to do or why the letters do not get to you.

I can write to you, dear daughter Nechameh, that when I sit down at
the table to eat, I remind myself how you would sit at the table and
cry. And you said, "Father, I can't sit down". Your tears and my tears
should be taken into God's gates to Heaven. I remember how Moishe Yoseleh
sat at the table during the Seder and started to cry. I become very sad
and depressed and I can't write any further. And now you write that I
don't send any letters. Surely, the address must be incorrect. Now, my
dear daughter, I am writing to you at the new address, and I request that
as soon as my letter arrives, you should reply. Sen a printed address and
surely it will arrive.

Dear daughter, I request that you send Feiveh's address. I have long
not heard >from him. Maybe you know what is happening with him.

Write and tell me how is our Moisheh. Our God should help you all
with health.

My daughter Nechameleh, there is no more news.

>from your father,
David Peretz (Adelman)
Son of Joisef Moisheh

P.S. I ask you, dear daughter, to give my letter to your brother,
Moisheh Joisef.

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