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Morton Cohen <cohenme@...>

I have seen many references to Jews going >from Lithuania to other places in Russia but wonder if movement the other way was common.

I ask the question because a search of the JewishGen Database of Religious
Personnel in Russia (1853) turns up two names, either of which could be
that of a great grandfather. However after tracking down the geography of
the citations I find that both towns are in Ukraine and 350 plus miles >from Kovno gubernya where the next generation later lived.

Here is a finding tip. Using the Shtetlseeker with D-M search to try to
locate the towns resulted in a very long list of possibilities. As an
alternate I tried using Google by entering only the proper name of the
Gubernya listed in the database. It worked very well and came up with
several web pages in English - including contemporary info.

Morton Cohen
Rochester NY

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