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Dear Mr. Cohen and other friend of Litvaksig, to whom it may concern,
Shalom >from Yerushalayim,

As you can find in my book THE LITVAKS (p.81) over 1,500 Lithuanian Jewish
families had settled in Kherson and other localities in Southern Russia. While a large proportion of of thesemade their living >from rafts or agriculture,there were others who engaged in petty trade and peddling.Once settled, they attracted relatives, friends and
aquaitances to these regions.

Have a nice and Kosher Pessach
Prof. Dov Levin

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From: Morton Cohen <,>
Subject: [litvaksig] Migration >from Ukraine to Lithuania?
I have seen many references to Jews going >from Lithuania to other places
in Russia but wonder if movement the other way was common.

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