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Dear Litvaken

I am searching BIRNBAUM
Abraham Birnbaum born Sep 27, 1917 Devorah Dora Weisel 1924
Hyme Birnbaum 4 Madison Avenue Jerico NY
wife Susan Berman
1 son 1 daughter
Joshua Birnbaum born 1977
Jill Birnbaum born 1982
Abraham Birnbaum was married to Devorah the daughter of Meyer Weisel. My
brother the late David I. M. Fine, M.D. was present at her death Sep 27,
1973 at Montefiore Hospital, NYC. According to my mother, the late Etta
Pollishuke Fine, Devora was a cousin of ours. My mother was unable to
inform me as to just how we are related. I am now trying to establish a
contact with Abe and Devora's children to determine if they know how we
are related.

To add to the data I have presented to you above, I have a list of
Devora's known siblings: Melvin dob June 30, 1913, Kenneth dob unknown.
Devora is buried in the Beth David Cemetery in NYC
Please respond privately.
Louis A. Fine loufine@...

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