Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Virus update -- make sure your messages are in plain text #lithuania


Dear LitvakSIG Digest subscribers:

Following our two messages yesterday warning of the BadTrans 32 virus which can appear as an apparent reply to a message one has sent, the Digest received a number of messages on this subject.

We thank you all for confirming that the virus is real, and emphasizing the need for everyone to have up to date virus protection on their computers.

Viriuses are most commonly transmitted through attachments to e-mail, but we have been told that on occasion they can also be transmitted in html language.

In order to strengthen even further our security against viruses, the
LitvakSIG Digest, effective immediately, will only accept messages sent
in plain text.

We will automatically reject any messages sent in any other form, including those sent >from AOL version 6.0 (which automatically converts to html), or messages that include material copied >from a website directly into the message, etc., which also converts the message by the time it reaches us.

Please make sure your e-mail program is sent for plain text. Discuss this with your ISP if you have problems.

This is for everyone's protection.

Thank you,

Judy Baston, Moderator
LitvakSIG Digest

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