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illona <ijhope@...>

I have been told by my Father-in-law that his father and brothers all came
to South Africa >from Kovno gubernia. The only sister when to U.S.A. and
nothing further was heard >from her.

I have found the following entry through the ellis Island record centre and
I am hoping that someone will recognise her or know family members.

"Chane (Chana?) Hop, >from Kovno, Russia, arrived in the U.S.A. 30th June
1911, aged 19 years and was single. She arrived on the ship "Mauretania"
from Liverpool, England."
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Illona Hope
Perth, Western Australia

researching: GOPAS-GOP-HOP-HOPE - Kovno Gubernia and South Africa (All
variations of same family)
SAID, ZAID, GORDON - Ponevezh and South Africa
MAYEVSKY(I) - Lida and South Africa
SCHAPIRO - Lithuania and South Africa

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