Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Problems People Are Encountering With Ellis Island Site #lithuania


I read some of the error messages and appearance problems people are having with viewing passenger manifests. I encountered some of this and I believe many of the problems are really related to the fact that the site is just so busy still. Because when I finally was able to get all the way to the point of actually viewing the manifest of one ship, I got a similar message. However, the next time I tried it I got in. So, keep trying.

Does anyone know if they plan to incorporate the "Soundex" feature when
plugging in the last names. As all of us with Jewish ancestors know, it's
hard to guess how they actually spelled their last name at a given name. Mine kept changing the way it was spelt, so I never know which spelling to use. Has anyone consulted them regarding this and if the feature will be available?

Lisa Randall

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