name change 1921 Lwow #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

The 1895 Sokolow Malopolski birth record of a relative of mine has a note
added indicating that his surname was changed 17 Jan 1921 >from his mother's
maiden surname to his father's surname, by permission of the Urzad
Wojewodzki we Lwowie. There is no similar note for any of his siblings,
though they later used their father's surname. I have not found a marriage
record for their parents, which seems consistent with this name change.
Does anyone know whether a record of this request exists, and, if so, how I
can get a copy of it, and what I can expect it to contain? In particular,
would it likely give the names of any of the petitioner's grandparents?

Thanks very much and best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Washington, D.C. area

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