Re: Zagorochka near Chodorow #galicia

Alexander Sharon

From: "Logan J. Kleinwaks" <>

Has anyone encountered records concerning Zagorochka (49'23 24'19), which
near Chodorow? This place also appears in the ShtetlSeeker under the
Zagirochka and Zagurechko. What is its Yiddish name? Is it mentioned in
the Chodorow yizkor book? A KALTER relative of mine was apparently born
there around 1892, and his father supposedly still lived there in 1911.
Thanks very much.

Zago'reczko, district Bo'brka (accented 'o' in both town names) was the
official town name till the end of WWII.

Vital documents for Zagoreczko are kept with all Bobrka region holdings in
Warsaw (USC Srodmiescie) or AGAD Archives.

Your family members have been residing in town during the interwar period
and during haShoah.

L. Kalter is listed as liquor/taverm owner in 1929 Poland Business directory
and Markus Kalter is listed in Lwow Ghetto list as a resident of farm
Molodyncze (near Chodorow).

To my best knowledge Chodorow Yzkor Book wasn't published.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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