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Batya Olsen <batya@...>


Having made good use of the Morse/Tobias search engine, I have an
Excel file of 290 passengers whose residence was listed as either
Wids, Widse, Widsi, Widsy, Widz, Widze, Widzey, Widzi, Widzy, Wits,
Witz, Witze, Witzia, Witzk, or Witzki on the Ellis Island Data Base.
There were no listings spelled with a "V." Vidzy was part of Vilna
Gubernia until the creation of Kovno Gubernia and is now in Belarus.
I'll be glad to send this file to anyone who is interested in it.

(Oddly, my family - and many others I am sure - is not listed here as
they simply indicated Russia, or Kovno, or Vilna.)

Shana Tova u'metuka,

Batya Matzkin Olsen, Concord, Massachusetts USA

Researching: EISENSHMID/AJZENSHMIDT [any spelling] (Bialystok, PL),
KAYOTSKY (Vidzy, BY), KELMAN, KLONER (Postavy/Smorgon, BY),
MANFELD (Smorgon), MANFIELD (Sterling, Ill., US), RUNKIN,
MATZKIN (Vidzy & anywhere), ROSENBLUM (Postavy), SCHARER

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