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In a message dated 8/8/04, Logan Kleinwaks

<< Has anyone encountered records concerning Zagorochka (49'23 24'19), which
is near Chodorow? This place also appears in the ShtetlSeeker under the names
Zagirochka and Zagurechko. What is its Yiddish name? Is it mentioned in
the Chodorow yizkor book? A KALTER relative of mine was apparently born
there around 1892, and his father supposedly still lived there in 1911.>>

I found an entry in my older edition of "Where We Once Walked" for
"Zagoreczko" in Poland. It had a pre-war Jewish population of (only)25. The book says
the Black Book says it is in the region of Lwow, but its name was not found in
the listings of the Board of Georgraphic Names.

I don't have a copy of the "Black Book of Polish Jewry", edited by Jacob
Apenszlak et al, eds. which may be the Black Book to which the editors of WWOW
referred, I have only the "Black Book of Russian Jewry" by Ilya Ehrenburg and
Vassily Grossman.

I didn't find an entry for any spelling of Zagorochka in Chester G. Cohen's
"Shtetl Finder Gazetteer.

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