Lithuania SIG #Lithuania The surnames--GEPSHTEIN/GENSHTEIN, EPSHTEIN/ ENSHTEIN #lithuania

Norman H. Carp-Gordon <zerakodesh@...>

Dear Fellow Litvaks,

Would any of you know anything about the etymological derivations of
the above-mentioned surnames?

In particular, is GEPSHTEIN known to have existed? I have noticed one of
you searching for GENSHTEIN. As to EPSHTEIN, that is an old and very
distinguished rabbinical family name in use in Germany by the 17th
century, and in Poland-Lithuania by the 18th century. In Germany there
was also EPPENSHTEIN. I transliterate these names phonetically, but you
might find them spelled with the final syllable starting with an s only,
not sh.

Thanks in advance,

Norman H. Carp-Gordon, Z. K.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If anyone has access to the information that Mr. Carp-Gordon seeks, please respond privately.

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