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Does anyone know where to find a map of railroads in Vilna and Kovno
gubernias and in Eastern Germany (or a list of railroad stations) in the
late 1800s? I was told that one ancestor traveled by train >from Vilna to
German border. Was smuggled across and then boarded German train for
Hamburg. Would like to find the exact route...>>

There was an excellent site on Russian railways
at . Unfortunately it
no longer exists. I extracted the Lithuanian information form the site some
time back.

Panevezys-Joniskelis LG 750 fr. b. 1938
Panevezys-Anyksciai LG pass./fr. b. 1901
Panevezys-Birzai LG closed 77km
Joniskis-Linkuva LG closed 24km
Joniskis-Zeimelis x closed after 1961
b. 1935-38
Zeimelis-Joniskelis x closed after 1969
b. 1938
Siauliai-Sukeniai x closed b. 1916-38
Sukeniai-Joniskelis-Birzai LG fr. b. 1916-38
Aniksciai-Utena x closed 1981 b. 1901
Utena-Svencioneliai LG wide gauge 1981 b. 1901
Svencionelial-Lyntupy (Belarus) x closed after
1969 b. 1893
Jonava-Ukmerge x closed 1960 b. 1930
Skapskis-Krustpils (Latvia) x 600 closed 1961
b. 1916
Klaipeda-Plikia/Laukgalia x 1000 closed b. 1906
Dukshtas-Druya (Belarus) x ? closed

Other railway map resources are :

Latvia & Lithuania & Kaliningrad Railway Map. Quail Map Co., Exeter. 2nd
edition,1996. ISBN 1-898319-20-0. One double-sided sheet, in black/white. Side 1 ...

Quail Railway and Transport Maps
LATVIA AND LITHUANIA RAILWAY MAP plus Kaliningrad (1996) A2, 59
x 42cm. Various scales. Black & white. Detailed double-sided all-time
survey ... or same at

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) ~Hilke Sue Maunder Special Order
... 12.

Estonia Railway Map ~John Yonge Limited Availability Paperback - Quail ... -/279672/ref=b_h__brbx_c_1_13/ - 67k -

Russian Subway, Railway, and Tram Maps
... LATVIA, railways; LIDA, railways; LITHUANIA, railways, 1931. M.
MANZHOULI, station map [Railway Atlas of China]; MINSK, railways; MINSK,
commuter rail; MINSK, subway; ... Description: Offers railway-related maps
of CIS (former Soviet Union).

CTU Railway Page
... site Steam Engine "Joseph Stalin" server - railroads, timetable online

Transport Diversions Emporium - All titles ON TOPICS IN "MOSCOW ...
... & LITHUANIA RAILWAY MAPS. Very detailed double-sided all-time
survey which includes Russia`s Kallinagrad region. Several enlargements
Map, ...

Saul Issroff

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