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Howard Margol

I agree with the response by Sonia Kovitz <Sonia.Kovitz@...> to a previous message in which Sonia said, "these streets were, and still are, in the city of Vilna proper. Perhaps since "Wilno" (Polish spelling) was also a district, that is the source of the confusion.

I believe that "Deutsche" and "Nemetskaya" [means "German"
in Russian] are in fact the same street, which is located in
the former Jewish ghetto area of Vilna".

Today, in the "Old Town" of Vilnius, the above two streets are now one
street, Vokieciu Street, with a wide walkway and several outdoor restaurants down the center. Prior to World War II, the two separate streets still existed. During the war, the area North of one of the streets was the "small ghetto". On the South side of this street were apartment buildings. South of that was the second street, lined on both sides with more buildings. South of this second street was the "large ghetto".

During the war, many of the buildings lining both streets were heavily
damaged. Later on, the buildings located in the middle of the two streets
were destroyed and replaced by a wide walkway. Today, in place of two
separate streets there is a wide walkway with a one-way street on each side of it. The locals in Vilnius call it German Street because originally, the buildings in the area were heavily populated by individuals of German descent.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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