KLEPPER - The nag and the persecuted Author #austria-czech

rodolfo miller

Dear Sigger´s,

KLEPPER, the nag, the low caste (as in racissmus) horse, but also:

KEPPLER, Jochen, the author. Born 22.3.1903 in Beuthe (today Bytow, PL).
Died by suicide (freitod) together with his Jewish Wife and daugther,
11.12.1942. Son of an Evangelist Preacher, studied theologie, but due
to poor health became a journalist. 1931 married Johanna STEIN, thirteen
years his senior, who encouraged K. to become a writer. Johanna´s Jewishness
put the family under pressure by the nazis, and K. lost his job and was
excluded >from the writers union in 1937.
K´s older stepdaughter managed to flee to England prior to the outbreak
of the war. Johanna and younger daughter were threatend with deportation.
The three of them commited suicide, in Berlin.

Greetings to all.

Rodolfo MILLER
Cuernavaca, Mexico

from Vienna.

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