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This is my introduction to the group:

In 1999, I started my research into my husband's family name MARKEL in
Vienna, and have run into problems with the records due to the laws
concerning religious/civil marriages.

The name SEHR surfaced as a result of my research for the family and
birth documentation for MARKEL, Selig,(b. abt 1873) who emigrated
(1890s) >from Lemberg, Galicia, to Vienna, Austria,and had apprenticed
as a tailor i n Vienna, met and married Sara Friedman >from Lodz, Poland
, birth of one son in 1898, in Vienna, and eventual emigration to the
USA in 1900. I have been unable to find any record in Vienna showing
Selig MARKEL living in Vienna (1890-1900). Evidently, there was no
civil marriage record in Vienna. The birth record for my husband's
father shows only his mother's maiden name Friedman.

According to Selig's son, Sam/Solomon MARKEL, his father had left a
brother, given name unknown, in Vienna. The name David MARKEL, born
1868 in Lemberg, appeared in some of the Vienna Archives ,for this time
period. According to the Jewish Archivist in Vienna, David's mother's
family name was SEHR. >from the JRI-Poland Lviv PSA AGAD Birth
records, I have received records showing David & Tema born 1868 and
1857, respectively,to father, Szulem MARKEL and mother, Chaya
SEHR-GOLDBERG. I have not found any birth documentation for Selig

GOLDBERG (though unsubstantiated) was Selig MARKEL's mother's family
The name Chaya GOLDBERG SEHR appears as David & Tema's mother's name
on the birth record page. All indications seem to establish the
probablity of the family relationship except for the one missing clue,
the record of birth for Selig in approximately 1873, in Lemberg, to

David MARKEL married Sali Silberman in Vienna. Their three children had
David MARKEL's mother's name SEHR: Ernestine 1897, Moses 1900, and
Salomon 1902. According to Ms Weiss of the Vienna Archives, Salomon
survived WW2 in Israel and upon his return to Vienna, changed his given
name to Franz. There is no more information on Franz SEHR in Vienna
since the mid 1970s.

If any of the group has any suggestions, I would love to hear >from

Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, California

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