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Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>

I'm new to research in this region. I've been going around the Litvak web
site for a few months now, read the FAQs and database descriptions and
cannot find an answer to the following question (of course it could be me
missing it)....... so I thought I'd ask the group.

How complete are the revision records in the All-Lithuania database for Vilna? I understand some have been destroyed but can't find a simple answer to which ones are known to have survived and which ones are in the database.

I'm looking for records related to my great-great-grandfather Avraham
Landsman who died in Vilna around 1916. I believe he married in the 1870s and was born in the 1850s.

How complete are the Vilna records (in the online database)?
should I expect to find him? should I assume that many records do not exist and that finding him in the ALD is a matter of luck?


Marty Meyers

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