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Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>

I've recently found that my great-grandmother Feiga (FINBERG) LANDSMAN came to Boston >from Vilna in 1921. I also learned that my great-grandfather Avraham LANDSMAN died in Vilna around 1916 (a 90 year old cousin just told me, on a recent trip to Massachusetts, that he remembers being 4 years old when his father learned of Avraham's death).

Most interesting is that I also learned, after obtaining Feiga's death
certificate in Boston, that her parents were Eliayahu/Eli (tombstone/death certificate) and Ida (don't know hebrew name yet).

Almost all the records (her children's marriages) list her maiden name as
FINBERG. However, two records (both of which were recorded by my father's uncle Louis) show her maiden name as PEANEN or PINAN. All the records associated with marriages by siblings of Louis (including my grandmother's marriage certificate) show the name as FINBERG.

I have a few questions:

1. Anyone familiar with these people?
2. Is there any equivalence between FINBERG and PEANEN (phonetically into
yiddish or some other way)?
3. If Avraham LANDSMAN died in 1916 in Vilna, would there be a record in

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Marty Meyers

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