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There was great interest in the Vilna records >from the Revision lists, and
the Vital Records Project at the Toronto Conference.

Carol Baker has addressed the Vilna records for the Revision Lists both in
the ALD and those waiting for translation. She wrote <<In answer to Marty
Meyer's question;

<How complete are the revision records in the All-Lithuania database for
Vilna? I understand some have been destroyed but can't find a simple answer
to which ones are known to have survived and which ones are in the

At the present time, the ALD only contains one third of the records >from the 1858 revision list for the city of Vilnius only. The other two thirds of that list is awaiting funding for translation. If you would like to speed this project forward, please send your contribution of at least $100 to LitvakSIG. The instructions are at the bottom of every LitvakSIG digest. For more information, please contact the coordinator, Joel Ratner joelrat@...>
In terms of the Vital Records - all that have been filmed by the GSU have now been sorted, and new CDs will be created for each town. A listing of what is available for translation will be posted on the LitvakSIG website very shortly. Most are in Cyrillic and Hebrew or Yiddish, although some of our records are >from Suwalki area, and these are in Polish. At this point, very few of these records have yet reached the ALD. What we need before being able to translate these records and make them accessible to the world are shtetl coordinators, as well as more translators to continue work on this exciting project.

Please contact Maria Krane <MariaKrane@...> She will be happy to let you know what is available for your area, how much the work will cost, where to send your donation, and how to get you started as a shtetl coordinator.

Davida Noyek Handler
President, LitvakSIG

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