Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Donations: Overlap areas with the Belarus Sig #lithuania

LindaJim Morzillo <jmorzil1@...>

I was trying to organize my annual donations and I am now getting a little
confused about some of the districts covered by Litvak SIG and Belarus SIG.
My Litvak SIG donation envelope shows Oshmiany District and Lida District,
both of which are in Belarus today, or at least parts of them. The
political borders, of course, have changed over the years, so it is not a
clear-cut determination in that respect.

My question is: Which SIG is actually covering these two areas, or are they both (hope we don't get duplication of work), or are they sharing the work? I'm sure I am not the only one who needs some clarification on this. To which SIG should I be sending my donation to support work related to those two areas?

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY


PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Vidukle and other Raseiniai towns
AMCHISLAVSKY and ERLICHMAN in Rostov-on-Don and previously Kozelsk and
Oster, Chernigov Gubernia
COHEN/KAGAN and BORNSTEIN in Oshmiany, Vilna and France
KOSOFSKY in Szczuczyn/Shchuchyn (Lida Area)
SWOTINSKY in Grodno Gubernia Poland/Russia/Belarus

MODERATOR'S NOTE: For records >from the Lida District, both LitvakSIG and the Lida District Researchers under Belarus SIG are working to acquire and translate records, and are in communication with each other to ensure there is no duplication. If you can possibly contribute to both efforts, it would be much appreciated and will maximize the ability to get Lida District records.

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