Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Looking for details on the lineage of Abraham Cahan #lithuania

Joel Ratner

Roy Ogus inquired as to the family of Abraham Cahan, the founder of the

The best source of information I know of is the autobiography of A. Cahan,
"Bleter fun mein leben - Erster band - In Der Alter Hayim", New York, 1926. [Pages >from my life - First Vol. - In the Old Days]. On page 140, Cahan mentions his maternal family, the Goldarbeiters. The Goldarbeiter family is also listed in the 1858 Vilna Revision List.

A brief glance at the text reveals there are other family members mentioned, although it is beyond the scope of this message to find them all [the book is 502 pages in Yiddish].

The book includes photographs of his parents and others.

Joel Ratner
Coordinator, Vilna District Research Group

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