Lithuania SIG #Lithuania A New Year's Message from LitvakSIG #lithuania


In the midst of our celebration of the High Holy Days, we personally are
grateful for all that LitvakSIG been able to accomplish this past year. We are grateful for the support and devotion of our wonderful LitvakSIG District Coordinators. We are grateful for all the wonderful cooperation that we enjoy with the Lithuanian Archives, the Genealogical Society of Utah, and the many other sources >from which we are able to obtain information to create our databases. We are grateful to the translators, who do such a wonderful job for us. And, as an independent organization, separate >from JewishGen, we are grateful for Michael Tobias' magic which allows those databases to become searchable, and JewishGen for hosting us on their incredible website.

This year, we will need to look at some new ways of getting the needed
financial support for the work of LitvakSIG. Very shortly, we will be
posting a questionnaire on the Digest, soliciting your input. Currently, we are asking that all our users make a donation to the very best of their
financial ability. Consider scheduling a monthly deduction >from your credit card if this works best for you.

LitvakSIG's policy has been that a donation $100 to a District (Uyezd) of
interest to you will entitle you to an Excel spreadsheet of of the
translated records received for that District six months to one year prior to their appearance in the ALD. An Excel spreadsheet will allow you to
manipulate the data and search in a variety of ways not available via the
website. For a single $100 donation to LitvakSIG, you will receive information >from many, many records, plus you will be able tell the Archives exactly which file, fond, and number pertains to your request for copies of the specific record you want >from them. This can be a valuable time saver, and end up costing you less for copies of the original documents.

Please consider how LitvakSIG has helped your research, and in honor of the New Year, contribute as generously as you can.

Contributions to LitvakSIG by check or credit card are tax-deductible as provided by law. Mail contributions to LITVAKSIG, inc., Department 77-9253, Chicago, IL

In addition, because JewishGen provides the infrastructure for LitvakSIG's
All-Lithuania Database, website and discussion group, we hope you will
consider a donation to JewishGen as well to help with the cost of these features as wellas the other services that JewishGen provides us all.

On behalf of LitvakSIG, our very best wishes for a healthy, happy and
peaceful New Year.

L'Shana Tova -

Davida Noyek Handler, President

Carol Coplin Baker, Research Groups Coordinator
Judy Baston, Moderator
Judi Caplan, Online Journal Editor
Ernie Fine, Technical Advisor/Webmaster
Richard H. Hoffman, Treasurer
Maria Krane, Vital Records Outreach Coordinator
Elliott Lipschultz, Finance
Jeff Miller, Board Member

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