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Since we announced the availability of our four volume "The Holocaust in
Lithuania 1941-1945" we have received a number of requests for additional details about the contents of the book .

Here is the Table of Contents, which should provide additional information
to those interested.

THE HOLOCAUST IN LITHUANIA 1941-1945, a Book of Remembrance

by Rose Lerer Cohen and Saul Issroff

Gefen Publishing :Jerusalem & New York, October 2002

A book about memory, this comprehensive, four-volume set records and
documents the names of Lithuanian Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The first volume comprises a detailed history of the Holocaust in
Lithuania, providing a historical context in which to consider the final
three volumes, which feature the lists of those who were interned in
ghettos, and those who perished during the terrible years of 1941-1945.
Also includes important secondary information, such as a list of Yahrzeit
(Memorial) dates of Lithuanian Jewish communities, and detailed reference
lists of films, books and articles on the Lithuanian Holocaust.

Table of Contents

Readers Guide

Forward: Dr Stephen Smith MBE, Director, Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre


Part One - The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945
The Holocaust in Lithuania
Liquidations and Forced Labor, Deportations and Movements

Part Two -Historical Documentation and Resources
Deportations >from Lithuania
Yahrzeit (Memorial) Dates of Lithuanian Jewish Communities
List of Lithuanian Cities and Towns were Jews were Massacred
Glossary of German Terms
The Lithuanian Holocaust - A Reference List
Films on the Lithuanian Holocaust
Lithuania - Websites Relating to Holocaust Localities
Wilno Province Place Names
Lithuanian Town Name Variants
Mail and e-mail Submissions of Family and Friends
Surname Index
General Index

Volume IIa
Yizkor Books - Memorial Books
Lists of Names

Volume IIb
Holdings >from the Former Soviet Union
Lists of Names
Lists of Names by Localities

Volume III
Stutthof Microfilm Records
Lists of Names >from the Stutthof Microfilms
Glossary of German Occupations
Stutthof Deportations to Auschwitz
The Siauliai Census Ghetto Lists
Siauliai Ghetto Census
The Vilnius Ghetto Census Lists of Prisoners
Vilnius Ghetto Census
Glossary of Lithuanian Occupations

Vol IIb: 965-229-292-3 Vol I: 965-229-290-7
Vol III: 965-229-293-1 Vol IIa: 965-229-291-5
Pages: Vol I: 376, Vol IIa: 464, Vol IIb: 512, Vol III: 548
Price: $300 for 4 volume set.
Special pre-publication price $250.

Individual prices:
Vol IIa & IIb (sold together): $175 Vol I: $150
Vol III: $100

Additional discount:only on The JewishGen Mall, an additional 10% off sale, the time period has been extended to September 30 2002.
Ordering has been simplified and the whole process is easier on the new

Also see for details of the
and for a partial searchable database on Lithuanian
Holocaust Victims

Saul Issroff

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