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I would like to share a wonderful bit of success I recently had. One of
those things that pop up after you've been sitting at a dead end for a

Almost all of my Grandfather's family in Vilnius was killed in the
Holocaust. While I had names and had found pieces of information, we had no record of what they looked like.

Last week I had the chance to look at the probate records, in Brooklyn, for his uncle's will. This is an uncle that came to America >from Vilnius in 1915 and left all his money, in 1946, to his brothers and sisters or their children who were back in Vilnius.

It turned out that there were 2 cousins, children of 2 of the sisters, one
in Moscow and one in Israel, who had survived and sent proof that they were >from the family. The proof turned out to be pictures of all these relatives who had died on the holocaust. On the backs are inscriptions like "To my dear sister Sonia >from her beloved brother Hillel", etc. In addition they wrote ancedotes of the familiy >from before the war.

So I now know what they looked like and have stories that give a flavor for what the family was like.

Very exciting.

Scott Noar

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