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Marilyn Achbar asked about concentration camps near Kovno
<>on Thu, 10 Oct 2002
<< My grandfather's sister,Sheine Achbar and her husband, Leizer
Shmuelson lived near Kovno and "were exterminated by the Germans in June
1941" (my grandfather's words). My question is ,to what concentration camp
would they have been deported ? >>

The vast majority of Jews in Kovno were killed in Fort IX ( some in Fort IV and VI). Others were killed in the ghetto itself, or died of natural
causes, starvation and disease, in the ghetto. Others were sent to Latvia
and Estonia and killed there, some, who survived these places were sent to
Stutthof and Dachau and a few to Auschwitz. On 14 July 1943 the ghetto
Kovno was declared a concentration camp, KL Kauen (German for Kovno/
Kaunas) . Unfortunately there is very little that has come to light
regarding the names of Jews killed in Kovno.

This subject is discussed fully in 'The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945, a book of Remembrance by Rose Lerer Cohen and myself, Gefen, Jerusalem and
NY, 2002. The book is available on or

Saul Issroff

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