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Today just happens to be my great aunt Bertha's jahrzeit (my maternal
grandmother's sister). She was born in Soly, Oshmiany
Uezd, in 1887. She married her (most likely) first cousin Osser
GINSBERG. His parents were most likely first cousins, once removed.
Osser had a sister who married another GINSBERG cousin, although not a
first cousin.

Osser immigrated to the States in 1904. In 1905 my GGF, Avraham
Yitzchak Halevy RAIDER, brought one of his sons to the States, and
stayed until 1907. While there, he arranged for his daughter Bertha to
marry Osser, went back to Soly and brought Bertha for the wedding. The
family in the States was living in Scranton, PA., where it was illegal
for cousins to marry, and so they married in Binghamton, NY.

I have also seen many cases of marriages between first cousins amongst
Chassidic Rabbinical families. Especially in the families
of the Rhuziner Rebbe, R Yisrael FRIEDMAN, and in the family of the
Lubavitch Rebbes.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel


TUCHMAN/KLARMAN/ASPIS? >from Busko-Zdroj, Poland (Kielce Gubernia) to US
LIEBERMAN/ZYSSMAN >from Lowicz, Poland to US
RAIDER/all spellings/GINSBERG - >from Smorgon/Soly, Belarus (Vilna
Gubernia) to US -
SHUB/BERNSTEIN/ROSINSKY/BAYLETT >from Lituania?/Estonia? to London -
Samter/Wronki,Posen/Koenigsberg?/Berlin, Germany


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Was it ever customary for first cousins to marry? I have a case in
which my maternal aunt Martha married Jack, the son of Jennie, who was
known as my grandfather's sister? I am trying to find out who my
grandfather's mother was. I'm thinking that Jennie's mother probably
married my grandfather's father since neither Jennie's or her Mother's
maiden name was the same as my Grandfather's. Any ideas? Thanks in

Marcia Hoffman

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