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Mark Budman <budman@...>

I am searching for any reference to a Shaya Solomin or Solomon
/Zalman Segal (All the same person). I have been searching for this
branch of the family for years. Here is what I have (Information might
not be 100% accurate):

Born Shaya Solomin in Kovno, (Kaunus) Lithuania, around 1895 (although
might be as early as 1880) Parents names were Sander and Chaya Solomin.
Shaya got married in London. He changed his name to "Solomon Segal"
after the "war" (appears that name change took place prior to WWI). He
lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada >from 1910-1921 (approximate dates) as
name appears in Toronto City directory during this period

It seems he was a jeweler.

Was never heard of again after 1921 and disappeared without a trace.

I also have a picture of him that was taken here in Canada.

Anyone have any possible connection?


Mark J. Budman
Researching SOLOMIN / SEGAL
from Lithuania

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