Re: Locating correct town of birth: Zwiniacz #galicia

Alexander Sharon

"Max Heffler" wrote:

I received my grandfather's birth record and the death records >from two of
his brothers. The two brothers were born and died in Dzwiniaczka/Dzwinogrod
(Dzvinogrud?) in West Ukraine, East Galicia in 1892. These records were
from Mielnica (Melnitsa Podolskaya) PSA in the Borschev region of Ternopil
oblast. I had found two of his other brother's records in Borschev AGAD.
What is puzzling me is my grandfather's birthplace. I had seen it in the
past as Kobylowloki. On this birth record it is Zwiniacz >from the Czortkow
PSA of the Ternopil oblast. Shtetl Seeker doesn't seem to place any of
these close enough together for me to figure it out. Another brother was
supposed to have been born in Ozeryany and the mother was >from Korolowka,
all close but I am still confused. Zwiniacz looks awful similar to Dzwiniaczka but
the different AGAD is throwing me. Anyone have any ideas?

Dzwiniaczka is currently known as Zvinyachka at 4835 2615 and town is
located just 4 miles ESE >from Mielnica (Melnitsa Podolskaya)
This clarify the issue why records were received >from Mielnica, which was
the district town and were Rabbanut that have administered all the records
was located.

If you calculate distances >from Dzwiniaczka to other shttels that are listed
in your letter, you will see that:
Ozeryany (Jezerzany) is located 26 miles NNW, Czortkow: 32 miles NW,
Kobywloki: 48 miles NW, Korolowka: 24 miles, Czortkow 36 miles NW and
Borszczow 18 miles, Kobylowloki: 48 miles.

Educated guesses:

1. All those towns were in various Rababnut jurisdiction and this is the
reason for different AGAD
2. You have received wrong document not related to your gfather but bearing
same family name

Of course, I could be wrong.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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