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Mark Halpern


You mention different AGAD. What you mean is that the vital
records for the towns where your ancestors were born were
registered in different Administrative towns. The Austrian laws
that went into effect in 1877 identified where each town with a
Jewish population registered their vital events. Although
Kobylowloki (now Zhovtnevoye) and Zwiniacz (now Zvinyach) are
only 5.9 miles apart, their vital events were registered in
different Administrative towns -- Janow and Budzanow
respectively. Janow (now Ivano Frankovo) was an Administrative
town within the larger Trembowla district. Likewise, Budzanow was
an Administrative town within the larger Czortkow district.

Although Zwiniacz and Dzwiniaczka are close in spelling, I do not
think the registrars made a mistake in their recording of the
birth. Apparently, your great grandparents had their children in
different towns, some of which are about 50 miles apart. I think
you will find that others have this same kind of situation in
their families. In my family, the predominant occupation was in
the Distilling business. Many of the men were leaseholders under
the Arendarz system. I have found ancestors that had children in
4 different towns, some separated by 30-50 miles. My assumption
is that the family moved >from leasehold to leasehold for the
greater economic opportunity.

Another situation I have seen is that the pregnant mother stayed
in her parents home for some births and in her husband's parents
home for other births.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
I received my grandfather's birth record and the death records
from two of
his brothers. The two brothers were born and died in
(Dzvinogrud?) in West Ukraine, East Galicia in 1892. These
records were from
Mielnica (Melnitsa Podolskaya) PSA in the Borschev region of
oblast. I had found two of his other brother's records in
Borschev AGAD.
What is puzzling me is my grandfather's birthplace. I had seen it
in the
past as Kobylowloki. On this birth record it is Zwiniacz >from the
PSA of the Ternopil oblast. Shtetl Seeker doesn't seem to place
any of these
close enough together for me to figure it out. Another brother
was supposed
to have been born in Ozeryany and the mother was >from Korolowka,
all close
but I am still confused. Zwiniacz looks awful similar to
Dzwiniaczka but the
different AGAD is throwing me. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Max Heffler

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