I'm looking on the following people and families:

Yehuda Mendel JAFFE. His daughter Bayla Hinda JAFFE married Schloma A. SPLAVER (of Anyksciai, Vilkomir, Kovno)

Isadore and Ester(?) KAPLAN immigrated on the Grand Trunk Railroad >from Canada to the United States with his two sons: Hyman and Joseph. The family settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

The SCHNIEDER line begins with Shepshel SHNAIDER. There were two sons living in Anyksciai (town), Vilkomir (district), Kovno (gubernia). Israel-Khaim SHNAIDER was married to Musha, daughter of Eliash in 1897 and had four daughters: Sora-Dvora, Leia, Sheina, and Khana. The younger brother, Eliash-Girsh was married to Rivka, daughter of Girsh. In 1897 they were listed with son Shepshel and daughters Sora-Dvora, Khaia-Leia, and Gena.

Sora-Dvora SHNAIDER, daughter of Israel-Khaim, married Chana Zalman SCHPLAVER and immigrated with her sisters Leia BALLOS and Sheina OSIG to Canada. The Splavers then immigrated to Ohio because Chana Zalman's brother was living there. Khana married and perished in The Holocaust. I'd be very interested in learning Khana's husband's name.

I am also interested in any SPLAVERs who immigrated to Canada >from

Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!

Mindie Kaplan
Rockville, Maryland

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