Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Jewish Farmers in Lithuania - 1881 #lithuania

Carol Baker

In response to Howard Margol's message the other day about the 1881 list of
Jewish farmers in Lithuania, LitvakSIG has ordered the translation by the
Kaunas archives. It will be done this Fall and will then be distributed to
all of the district research groups whose towns are mentioned in the list.

An announcement listing those towns will be made on this Digest. If you are currently a contributor to one or more of the districts, have no fear -you will receive the data. If not, it would be a good time to send in your $100 contribution to one of the district research groups within Kaunas gubernia (Kaunas, Panevezys, Raseiniai, Siauliai, Telsiai, Ukmerge and Zarasai) and receive ALL of the records >from ALL of the towns within that uyezd.

This list of 62 Jewish landowners, is just a small part of the information that is regularly being ordered, translated and distributed to the contributors. You can send your check, with the district indicated in the memo field, to:

Dept. 77-9253
Chicago, Illinois 60678-9253

or, if you prefer to pay by credit card, please go to

We thank Howard for unearthing this new source and look forward to seeing
you all in Washington!

Carol Coplin Baker
District Research Groups Coordinator

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