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This past June, during my 10th trip to Lithuania, I obtained a copy of a
hitherto unknown record stored in the Panevezys archive. On my previous
trips to this archive, only a few Jewish records could be found. The archive had a 1940 record of property owned by Jews, and a collection of
pictures of Jewish owned factories and mills >from the interwar period.

This time, with the help of Genady Kofman, the Chairman of the Panevezys
Jewish Community, another record of Jewish interest was found in the
archive. In 1947, 31 Jews in Panevezys submitted an application to the Minister of Culture (Soviet) for the return of a former Synagogue building. The Minister of Culture, before deciding, instructed the Mayor of Panevezys to first find out if the Jews already had a synagogue. If they did, they would not need a second synagogue. Apparently, the Minister did not know that, with 31 Jews, even two synagogues may not be enough!!

Following is a list of the 31 Jews who signed the application.

1 DUDIK, Girsh son of Aron
2 LEVIN, Lazarus son of Izrael
3 KAB, Mausha son of Shliomo
4 CHVOTSKY, Gershon son of Gutman
5 ALPERAVICH, Yudel son of Mendel
6 FISHER, Efroim son of Abram
7 BIN, Izrael son of Zelman
8 GONTOVNIK, Boris son of Vulf
9 KLEIMAN, Izrael son of Isaac
10 FEIGEL, Zelman son of Leib
11 KAGAN, Sholom son of Aron
12 LEVIT, Simon son of Jakub
13 MANDEL, Slave daughter of Simcha
14 KRAVETZ, Etel daughter of Girsh
15 OSHRY, Grisha son of Aron
16 SHERMAN, Yosel son of Meyer
17 MAGID, Icik son of Yankel
18 MAGID, Mausha son of Yankel
19 SHIPEL, Yankel son of Yudel
20 MAGID, Benjamin son of Yankel
21 CHVOTSKY, Yasha son of Gutman
22 SIYON, Simcha daughter of Motel
23 CIRLIN, Kushel son of Alter
24 TIGEL, Abel son of Meyer
25 SKURKAVICH, Kopel son of Yudel
26 BRIKOV, Roza daughter of Kapel
27 MUNICK, Samuel son of Abram
28 SEGAL, Meyer son of Nochum
29 KLOTC, Sholom son of Poric
30 SEGAL, Mausha son of Gecel
31 KATZ, Sara daughter of Leib

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