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Kovitz, Sonia <Sonia.Kovitz@...>

Having our "tea" holiday on Litvaksig is great!
The tea with sugar detail _stirs_ up many memories...
I learned the origin of the custom >from a Russian-Jewish emigre.
Sugar was sold not as we are used to it, loose in a sack
or in neat prefab cubes, but in large solidified chunks.
People chipped pieces >from it. The big chunk of sugar was called
a "head of sugar" (_golovA SAKHara_), which my Russian-Yiddish dictionary
translates into Yiddish as _a hitl tsuker_. Hitl generally means hat/cap
but in this phrase it means "loaf", maybe because the chunk looked like a
I have forgotten exactly why the sugar chip was put into one's mouth
rather than into the glass, but I'll try to find my notes on this BEFORE
Thursday. If anyone has saved all the memories of tea and sugar cubes, I'd love to have them--it makes a wonderful collection when taken "in a lump."

Sonia Kovitz

Seems this must have been a Russian custom but who really
knows the reasons.
Maurine Starr
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