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Deb Katz

Jerry Hoffman, DDS emailed me to ask that I warn everyone on this list that
drinking tea through a sugar cube promotes tooth decay. So he discourages
us >from imitating this honored tradition. Another email pointed out that
modern sugar cubes are too soft, anyway, so there's no way to re-live the
tea drinking experience of our ancestors. Oh, shucks.....

Debbie Katz
Los Altos CA

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Wow...drinking tea through a sugar cube seems to have been as pervasive
linking amongst Jews as the Yiddish language! I learned of the ritual
a relative of my family that hails >from a shtetl outside Berdicev
and when I told the tale to my mom, she said, "Oh, yes! My grandparents
both sides used to do that!" Well, one set of those grandparents came
the Brest area (Belarus) and the other >from the Siauliai and Riga areas.

Gosh, I'm thinking maybe I should try it!

Debbie Katz
Los Altos CA

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