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I have identified some exciting information about my FINKELSTEIN, COHEN, and LAN families >from Panevezys, Pumpenai, and Seta.
I am looking for information about descendants or about the families.

My COHEN family centers on Sadie COHEN, a cousin of Bertha (Bryna) LAN
Yudelowitz, my grandmother. Sadie lived in Philadelphia and was >from Ponevezh, now Panevezys. our LAN family was last in Pumpenai but records are primarily in the Ponevezh registers.

I now have more information about the COHEN family. Sadie's parents were
Rocha Malka LAN (daughter of David LAN, the father of our GGF Akiva LAN and son of the elder Akiva LAN) and Shmuel Ber (or Abel) KAGAN (COHEN) (son of Berel-Rubin KAGAN). Shmuel was on leave >from service in the Russian army as a private in the Ustug regiment when he and Rocha Malka were married on Jan 24 1875. Sadie (known as Sheina Leiah COHEN) was born in 1897, and was the older sister of Israel, born Oct 2 1902, and Ita-Leah born Jan 26, 1900.

I now have a new COHEN name and another surname to add to the mix. When
Benjamin (Berl) Lane (brother of Bertha) arrived in New York as a single young man of age 17 in May 1904, he indicated that he had a cousin Abram FINKELSTEIN living on Monroe Street in Manhattan. Previously, I had been stymied in researching this cousin because there were 2-3 dozen Abe/Abram/Abraham FINKELSTEINs living in New York at the time.

However, with persistence, I found our guy in the 1905 New York State Census at the correct address, 161/63 Monroe Street, Manhattan. I found him with a wife, Lena, and nine children!! His children were Louis, Sam, Annie, Molly, Isaac, Celia, Jacob, Rosie, and Ida.

I also found that the family had moved to Brooklyn by the time of the 1910
U.S. Census. They lived at 1857 Park Place, and reported that they had
originally had ten children (!!) and eight were surviving at the time of the Census, seven living with the family at the Brooklyn address. The wife was listed as Lenah, and children as Sam, Louis, Israel, Jake, Ida, Mollie, and Celia. Abraham was a presser.

I found that Abraham died in 1914. On his death certificate were listed his parents' names, Isaac and Zissel COHEN FINKELSTEIN, hence the Cohen connection, presumably to Sadie's family.

Exciting news, leaving lots of room for further investigation.

Jeff Miller
Brookeville, Maryland

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