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After searching through the ALD and the Shtetls of Lithuania, the best
candidates for these two towns appear to be Alsenai and Ivie. If anyone has
any additional information about either of these two shtetls, or about this
NYC shul, please contact me.
Both Olshany and Ivye are found today in the western part of Belarus near the border with Lithuania. Before the first World war they were part of the Vilna gubernia and in 1920 together with Vilna (that was prior to that the capital city of Lithuania) became part of Poland. In 1939 the area was taken by the Soviet Union (Vilna was returned to Lithuania but shortly after Lithuania was annexed by the Soviet Union until June of 1941 when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union.

Dvora Helberg (first cousin of my mother in law) wrote a story about Olshany during the first World war, you could find it as well as pictures and maps of Olshany at

You could find the translated Yizkor book of Ivye, Lida Uzed, Vilna gubernia at

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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