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on the Shtetel list it records Vasilishok as being in the Uyezd
and Guberna of Kaunus, but when I search discussion groups it records
Vasilishok as being in the Uyezd of Lida and in Grodno Guberna. Where is > my mistake?
There are at list two shtetls with the same name.
Vasiliskis, Kaunas uezd, Kaunas gubernia, Latitude: 55 38' Longitude: 23
56',now in Lithuania 89.7 miles NW of Vilnius. The better known shtetl is found in Latitude 53 47,Longitude 24 51
There is much information about the town;

The shtetl Vasilishok has a yizkor book. You could find it at;

In the book it is written.....
...Close to the historical borders: Poland, Lithuania (Lita) and Russia, on the route that led >from Grodno to Vilna and >from Lida to SHCHUTCHIN is where the village of Vasilishok was situated. .....The Czarist powers considered Vasilishok as a part of Vilna province within Lida district (uezd). For the Poles, [it was part of] Novogrudok, district of Szczuczyn.

Prior to World War II, the population of the shtetl numbered 2,700,
among them two thousand Jews (approximately four hundred families.)

The majority of the Christian population was mainly Polish
(Catholics.) The population of the tens of villages of the surrounding
area was White Russian.....
You could find picture and article about a trip there at;

Many shtetls that were once in the Vilna province (Gobernia) are now found in Belarus.

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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