Re: Operation Todt - Saint Maur, France [ Richard KAHN]

David Lewin

That is most interesting - thank you!!

I wish I could find an archive of OPeration Todt


At 15:49 29/01/2020, Valentin Lupu wrote:
A search for Saint-Maur in France reveals 8 different places:
The one near Paris (Bernard FLAM's reply) is Saint-Maur-des-Fosses. I think the relevant location is probably Saint-Maur-des-Bois, a small village in the La Manche region (The EnglishChannel). It is located some 20 miles from the Normandy beaches, the theater of D-Day invasion. Normandy beaches were heavily fortified under the management of "Operation Todt" using slave labor.

Valentin LUPU

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