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Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan had posted a question about the shtetl of

A documentarian named TAMAR ROGOFF made a piece on her trip to her
ancestral shtetl of "Ivye" in modern Belarus, a feature which was shown at last year's Hamptons International Film Festival. I am certain that the spelling of the shtetl's name must be a sound-alike for "Iwie." (The film's name was SUMMER IN IVYE.)

I am equally certain that, c. 1880, this shtetl was part of the Vilna
Gubernyia of Lithuania. My own paternal grandmother, RACHEL SIMON SEGAL, came >from the shtetl of "Ilya" also now in modern Belarus, quite nearby "Iwie," and also once part of the Vilna Gubernyia. And my grandmother definitely had ROGOFF cousins in Eastern Europe.

The film was very interesting, especially the segment with the elderly
townspeople who reported on the Nazi occupation. Belarus in the summertime looked beautiful, a bit like the gentle hills of upstate New York or New England.

Judy Segal
New York City

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