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On November 26th I posted a message about the possibility
of acquiring an English translation of Internal Passport
Applications, 1919-1940, by Jews living in Panevezys. The
cost of the project is $600 USD, a bargain considering the
Passport Applications consist of over 20,000 files and about
every 8th file is a Jewish application. This means that several
thousand applicants were Jewish so the resulting database will
be quite extensive.

Each file contains various types of valuable information including,
in some cases, a photograph, an application letter, and an official
paper >from a Police Office that applicant was never charged for any
crime. Also included in some files are papers indicating an
applicant's work place as well as some documents stating that the
applicant returned >from exile in Russia after WWI. In many cases,
the following information is also included - applicants age or date
of birth, father's name, mother's maiden name, names and age of
children, address at time of application, and place of birth.

Even though the documents cover the town of Panevezys only,
I think we have to assume that some were >from other towns in
Lithuania but decided to live in Panevezys after returning >from exile.

If the translation project is completed, those individuals who have
Donated $100 USD to the Litvak SIG, designated for the Panevezys
District Research Group, will receive the entire translation of the
Passport Application files as well as other records received
previously. Anyone wishing a hard copy of a particular file can write
to the Archive and, for a reasonable fee, obtain a copy.

Now comes the sad part - I asked that those individuals donating
$100 to please send me an email message to that effect so I would
know when the project could begin. I have only heard >from three
individuals. That is a miniscule response considering that over
300 individuals are listed as researching their ancestors >from Panevezys.

Please consider making a year end gift to the Panevezys Research
Group at the Litvak Donor Page .
As an alternative, you can go to the donor form at the above link,
print it out, and fax the completed information to: (661) 299-9198.
Many of you have made a previous donation but please consider
another donation as well. The need is great if additional records
are to be acquired.

Carol Baker, as well as many other dedicated volunteers, are giving
maximum effort as well as voluminous amounts of their time in
helping to make the Litvak SIG the foremost site on the internet for
Jewish records >from the Lithuanian Archives. You can do your part by
making a financial commitment so additional records can be acquired.

For those whose interests lie in research districts other than the
Panevezys District, a $100 USD donation to that district will also
be very beneficial to you. As a Litvak SIG volunteer, I can obtain
very valuable records >from the Lithuanian archives for all of the
District Research Groups. The only thing that is lacking is the
necessary funds needed to obtain the records.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Records Acquisition Volunteer

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