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Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Judith's question about Rose Rosenthal yielded an interesting search

I searched the Jewish Records Indexing-Poland database for the surname ROSENTHAL. Suwalki is in
Poland and the JRI-Poland database currently has 4467 Birth, Marriage
and Death records >from Suwalki.

The JRI-Poland database has an 1856 Bialystok marriage record for Anna
MUNK and Gershko ROSENTAL. It states that Gershko was >from Suwalki!
This record was microfilmed by the Mormons and can be found in LDS film
number 747,735 Perhaps

I then looked at the Landsman publication, Volume 3, Number 1, Summer
1992, where they have 1856-1867 Marriages records for Suwalki. Once
again the ROSENTHAL/MUNK marriage record appears. It is listed in 1856
record number 23, LDS film number 752,622. In that record it shows that
the bride was >from Bialystok. In the Suwalki marriage record the bride's
given name is listed as Chana. So the ROSENTHAL's listed their marriage
in two places; the hometown of the bride and the hometown of the groom

It is too much of a coincidence to think that this is the record that
Judith is looking for?

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills

<I am a new member here and an researching the surnames of ROSENTHAL and

MONNE. On Rose Rosenthal death certificate here in New Zealand it lists
her Father as Israel ROSENTHAL and her mother Hanne ( maiden surname of
) MONNE. Rose' certificate says she was born in Suwalki about 1857.
She died in New Zealand. Any help would be very much appreciated as I
tried to search the database and MONNE comes up as Man.
Thanking you in advance

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