Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Which town is Solocci, Vilna gubernya? #lithuania

Deborah Schultz

I recently found out that my great-grandmother Dora (IZENMAN) SHULTZ's
brother declared in a 1916 document that he was born in what appeared to
be handwritten as "Solocci in the Province of Vilna, Russia, Poland."

Although I have looked it up in the Shtetl Seeker, there are several towns
whose names resemble that, and I don't know how to determine which ones
might be in Vilna gubernya.

Is anyone familiar with this town name? I know about my great-grandmother
only that her husband told U.S. immigration officials in 1913 that she was
from "Vilna," which I now assume to be Vilna gubernya, not Vilnius the

I appreciate any assistance or advice you can offer. Thank you.

Deborah Schultz IZENMAN, BOUBH, VEKSLAR: Vilna gubernya
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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