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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Beatrice Markel of Redondo Beach, California is
looking for her husband's Galician family in Vienna.
As usual with Galicians there is a
kerfuffle/schlemozzle about names! This causes great

Beatrice writes: The name SEHR surfaced as a result of
my research for the family and birth documentation
for MARKEL, Selig,(b. abt 1873) who emigrated (1890s)
from Lemberg, Galicia, to Vienna ....
Beatrice has been to the IKG and has been unable to
find any record in Vienna showing Selig MARKEL living
in Vienna (1890-1900). But according to Selig's son,
Sam/Solomon MARKEL, his father had left a brother,
given name unknown, in Vienna. The name David
MARKEL, born 1868 in Lemberg, appeared in some of the
Archives, for this time period. According to the
Jewish Archivist in Vienna, David's mother's family
name was SEHR. Apparently the IKG also could not
find David.

But here he is; buried at ZF Tor IV - the only SEHR in
the database of thousands and thousands:

SEHR David age 65 died 02.11.1933 buried 05.11.1933

He is alone in the grave.

Hopefully, now we have found him, we should be able to
find out more about the family.

Furthermore, there are 18 SEHR graves in the municipal
[non-Jewish] cemeteries of Vienna including four Franz

SEHR Franz 13.05.1919 Wiener Zentral
SEHR Franz 20.02.1926 Wiener Zentral
SEHR Franz 24.07.1963 Wiener Zentral
SEHR Franz 24.08.1981 Breitenlee

One of the last two could well be *the Franz*,
Beatrice is looking for as he returned to Vienna after
the war, >from Israel. But as he was last heard of in
the 1970s, the *last Franz* could be our man. He is
buried with Cacilia [died 21.09 1987] and the grave
expires on 21.07. 2007.

Again there is a lot of scope for research. The
cemetery is at Breitenleer Strasse 231, 1220 Vienna.

Celia Male [U.K]

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