Given names Chuna/Charles #galicia

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

My uncle was Chuna (which I assume uses the CH as in Chanukah) but he
became Charles in the U.S. In this case it seems his new name was
simply based on the two letters at the beginning of his name, rather
than on the sound of the initial letters as in the original name.

I tried putting typing in Chuna on the left side of the input form
and received no hits. (The choices given are a bit bewildering....)

I received 54 possible responses for Charles and gave up after wading
through about half of them!

Is Chuna a nickname? If so, what name is it derived from?

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If you know the English name adopted by an immigrant to the US from
Galicia, or >from most other regions in 19th century Europe, you can use the
JewishGen web site:

< >

to do a "reverse" search for the names which these people might have used
in their European country of residence before immigrating to the US. Since
this web site is a work in progress, you might not find all of the English
or European names that you seek. In the right-hand name-input form,
specify the US English name that you wish to enter for searching, then
choose the European country of origin, and click on "Search". You may wish
to use both Global Text and Soundex searches, in order to avoid missing
some potential "hits".

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